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Keyboarding Basics

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Welcome to Keyboarding



    Grades - Speed / Skill (reach) / Progress / Posture /On Task / Effort / Behavior 

    Behavior/On Task http://www.nimblefingers.com/k_list.htm


    Effort/ using keyboard covers/ not looking at keyboard/technique

    WPM +Accuracy

    Colored Keyboard picture for cover

Classroom Expectations

    Be Safe 

        All 6 feet on floor at all times

        No fooling around in computer lab

    Be Respectful


        Quiet during Class

        Don't Talk Over the Teacher

        No snacks or drinks in lab / water bottle by door, but will get tossed if no name

        End of Class


            Push in chairs

            Stand behind chair until dismissed

            Put covers away neatly in box

    Be Responsible


        Use restroom & water drinks before class or later. Only emergency. Not an everyday plan

        Stay on track, don't fall behind

            Ask for help, tell me when having an issue with combo of keys, practice in Word Processing Plaza.

            Sign into the MC with pass before school or during lunch. Sign in after school

        Learn to trouble shoot

            Check if plug is pushed in / white light on box

            Is computer asleep / check monitor plug

            Freeze restart but let me know/ push button upper right corner

            Trouble shooting program-unique issues with ATRT

            Keyboard won't type - unplug keyboard from Mini or if Large/Normal on screen- click on whichever is                         selected.

            Unexpectedly quits then close and reopen Application

            Log into program- find name, hit return, if stuck on initializing return againclick in purple secure net message             and then keep hitting return, say yes to contine or director player error

Structure of All the Right Type



    Learning Lab (Red dome building)


        Capitals, shift with opposite hand

        Won't go to next key until you have typed

    Practice Pavillon (Gray & white tall)

        set 20 wpm

    Skill Building (Gray & yellow dome)


    Testing Center (Gray & orange)

        black mark for one minute, keep going

    Records Library (Gray & purple in the front)

        responsible for checking results

    Word Processing Plaza (Gray & purple back)

        only to practice combinations


Tips for Success

 exit / pause / return to campus / fireworks / red tiles / silver result boxes / fingers show cumlative errors/


Your judgement-

        redo lessons if not desired result/ might tell you to redo but if in parameters go on/Accuracy vs.WPM/ Speed             trade off vs. making corrections all the time.











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